Read Our New eBook: Build or Buy!

New eBook Build or Buy

We recently launched our newest product for email service providers using our cloud sending platform: advanced infrastructure management tools. But for some, sending infrastructures can be complex and the prospect of adding more data and options on top of it can be overwhelming. 

It’s kind of like entering the real estate market, where your options start out limited (build or buy) and branch off with other considerations from there (maintenance, reliability, function). 

Our new eBook helps you dip your toe into the market rather than jumping in headfirst. We’ll help you answer the first very big question: 

Build or buy? 

  • Do you want to build a sending infrastructure yourself, and thus be responsible not only for the management but the repairs, maintenance and reliability of your email infrastructure? 
  • Do you want to buy an infrastructure where you’ll need to manage it, but (ideally) you’ll get technical support when the sending platform fails to perform as expected? 

Unfortunately, it’s usually not so simple as picking one or the other.

You might still need to build on top of your purchased solution, and you might need to continue to build after building your own as you scale or your needs change. 

This eBook exists to help you weigh the right choice for you: 

  • What challenges are involved with building your own email infrastructure? 
  • How do you know if buying is a better choice? 
  • What issues might you still have if you purchase? 
  • Is there a way to make either solution easier to use? 

Let us be your sending infrastructure realtor by downloading our eBook today! 

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