TechBash 2019: The SocketLabs Takeaway

socketlabs at techbash 2019

About TechBash

This past week (Nov 12-15) the SocketLabs team headed north to Pocono Manor, PA for TechBash 2019.  TechBash is a developer conference focused on cutting edge topics in cloud, mobile, web and desktop application development. The conference was inclusive and very family friendly (the final day of the conference even had full track dedicated to activities for kids and families).  The conference featured a variety of speakers including Microsoft employees and advocates, regional leaders, and even some new industry voices. 

Being a TechBash Exhibitor

As a TechBash exhibitor, we were lucky enough to engage in many great conversations with conference attendees about what they expect from email in their applications and digital platforms. In many cases we were able to offer actionable advice that could be used by these developers to address specific challenges they experienced regularly with email in their applications and platforms. 

While email seemed to be a hot topic for many developers, there was also quite a bit of excitement around our 3D printer giveaway that attendees entered to win when they stopped by our booth.

What SocketLabs Learned From TechBash

We were also able to attend several interesting and informative sessions, highlighted by a keynote from Microsoft’s Jeff Fritz (@csharpfritz) about Microsoft’s open source journey, and how developers can stay current in such a fast-moving industry.  Jeff offered many suggestions including blogs, podcasts, social media, attending live events such as conferences and meetups, and joining in online communities such as Twitch (where Jeff is a frequent streamer).

Other sessions that we attended spanned a variety of topics including the fundamentals of React, the impact of diversity in tech and how to be a better ally to underrepresented groups, getting started with the JAM Stack, and an introduction to Powershell.  Overall the speaker sessions were very informative and well-planned and the SocketLabs team was able to take a lot from it. 

Final Thoughts 

With the conclusion of TechBash, our team has participated in the final developer conference of the year following many great events like Abstractions II, Digital Summit, CX Live in London, and many more. We are looking forward to attending many more in 2020, so keep an eye out to see where you can find us next!

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