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The Best Applications Require the Strongest Email Foundation

Built on SocketLabs Hurricane MTA.

Email APIs made to scale with you.


Fault tolerant architecture: 99.999% system uptime.

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Access to detailed reporting and analytics.

Integrate with Your Applications in as Little as 5 Minutes with Our Quick-Start Code Libraries:

Sending, Alerts, Parsing,
Reporting, and More

We have flexible APIs that will elevate your application. Start building with our most popular APIs.

Injection API

Send outbound email from your app or website through HTTP POST requests.

Notification API (Webhook)

Receive real-time delivery status and engagement notifications with webhooks.

Inbound Parsing API

Full deconstruction of email messages including text, html, attachments, custom headers, and much more.

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Reporting API

Access statistics about a mail stream in scenarios where webhooks are not appropriate.

Suppression API

Programmatically search, add, or remove addresses from your server’s Suppression List.

A Better Email Experience


Support – Thorough API documentation and live developer support with real industry experts.


Reliability – 99.999% system uptime due to fault tolerant architecture built on the SocketLabs Hurricane MTA.

Quick and easy setup – Access to code libraries and samples that can help get you sending in minutes.


Deliverability – Lost email could mean lost customers – our technology is built around successful and reliable delivery of your important messages.

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Reporting – SocketLabs comprehensive delivery reporting and analytics dashboard help turn insights into actions that improve email delivery.

Security – Privacy Shield certified, GDPR and CCPA compliant, and M3AAWG member.