Inbound Email Parsing

Inbound Email Parsing: Capture Valuable Data

Are you looking for a fast, scalable, and easy way to accept email and store those messages in a database? Does your application store email conversations as part of a CRM, support, or customer support application? Building a solution on your own with code or open source solutions can be cost prohibitive and be difficult to support. Not to mention the fact that they often do not scale as your business grows. To meet the needs of today’s fast-paced software development organizations, SocketLabs has a scalable inbound parsing engine that super charges development efforts.

Inbound Parsing API

Parse Messages From Your App

For email that is delivered directly to your application as a JSON blob via HTTP POST, SocketLabs Inbound Email Parsing feature provides:

  • A highly available, scalable service for accepting and parsing email messages
  • Full deconstruction of email messages including text, html, attachments, custom headers, and much more
  • Full summary and detailed reporting on all inbound email activity for your account
  • For more information, check out our Developer Hub >>

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