An Email Parsing Tool Inside Your App

For email that is delivered directly to your application as a JSON blob via HTTP POST, SocketLabs Inbound Email Parsing Software features:

Highly scalable services for accepting and parsing email messages

Full deconstruction of inbound email messages including text, html, attachments, custom headers, and more

Full summary and detailed reporting on all inbound email parsing activity for your account

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We decided to use Socketlabs several months ago and could not be happier with our decision. The interface is robust and extremely easy to use. Our email marketing campaigns are integral to the success of our business. The SocketLabs system has allowed us to locate the strengths and weaknesses of our campaigns in order to fine tune their effectiveness.

Matt Gailey  |  Jinx

We developed a mass email delivery system in-house, and when we started to overwhelm our servers, we turned to SocketLabs' dedicated outbound email solution. The SocketLabs email servers are not only fast, but they are extremely reliable. Our franchise community couldn't be happier!

Owen Ellington  |  IT Director, PIU Management, LLC

We can’t do business without email and SocketLabs makes email happen for us.  We could have picked tons of providers but I am glad that we chose Socketlabs.  SocketLabs doesn’t just work, it works WITH us.