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Stay vigilant


Performance data for all your subaccounts exactly where and how you need it. With color-coded urgency scoring, you can identify senders at risk and prioritize your day based on signals you see at-a-glance.
Diagnose granularly

Guided Reporting

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes. With Guided Reporting, you’ll find exactly what is causing any performance anomalies for any of your subaccounts so you can target and solve the issues without hours of manual report-running, number-crunching, and customer care for senders who noticed a problem before you did.
React rapidly

Rule Engine

Manage mailstreams intelligently and with ease. Segment traffic by type, reputation, or any attribute of your choice to stay ahead of potential issues. React in near-real time and avoid disaster for not just one sender, but for all.
Simplify control

Subaccount and IP Pool Management

This sending platform was built for senders like you, who have senders of your own. You won’t need to shoehorn your use case into a pre-built solution for direct senders. Instead, manage all your subaccounts and IPs in one place with tools designed to cater to you.
Reduce complexity

Global Suppression

One suppression list to rule them all. Don’t waste time adding suppressed addresses to every single sender across your business. Instead, use our Global Suppression feature to block one address once and for all, avoiding manual labor and whoopsie-sends to bad addresses.
Frequently Asked Questions
SocketLabs is an email infrastructure provider built for both direct and complex senders. With our MTA in the cloud, we deploy email quickly, reliably, and affordably for any volume of mail. We also offer on-prem sending solutions and easy-start API integration.
Once you create and verify your account, you have access to your chosen plan for one month. We do not require a credit card or payment method, but you will lose access to the platform at the end of the trial if you do not purchase access via a plan.
No. SocketLabs is built on our proprietary Hurricane infrastructure and must be used to send email via our platform. While we do offer API integration, data must come from our own email service.
Our infrastructure is built to be scalable and is capable of sending multiple millions of emails per hour.
With our fuss-free API, you can sign up for an account, connect as needed, and start sending within a matter of minutes.
SocketLabs offers deliverability consulting for all complex senders. Some simple sender plans also offer consulting, but please contact us to find out more.