The SocketLabs Email Delivery Golang library allows you to easily send any type of email message supported by our Injection API, from a simple message to a single recipient, to a complex bulk message sent to multiple recipients.

Send Bulk Email Without Having to Build & Maintain Your Own SMTP Email Servers

Basic Message

A basic message is an email message like you’d send from a personal email client such as Outlook. A basic message can have many recipients, including multiple, To Addresses, CC Addresses, and even BCC Addresses. You can also send a file attachment in a basic message.

import ( 

func main() {
    client := injectionapi.CreateClient(000001, "YOUR-API-KEY")

    basic := message.BasicMessage{}

    basic.Subject = "Sending a Basic Message"
    basic.HtmlBody = "<html>This is the Html Body of my message.</html>"
    basic.PlainTextBody = "This is the Plain Text Body of my message."

    basic.From = message.EmailAddress{EmailAddress: "[email protected]"}
    basic.ReplyTo = message.EmailAddress{EmailAddress: "[email protected]"}

    //A basic message supports up to 50 recipients and supports several different ways to add recipients
    basic.AddToEmailAddress("[email protected]")   //Add a To address by passing the email address
    basic.AddCcEmailAddress("[email protected]")  //Add a CC address by passing the email address and a friendly name
    basic.AddBccEmailAddress("[email protected]") //Add a BCC address by passing the email address

    //Send the message
    _, _ = client.SendBasic(&basic)


Bulk Message

A bulk message usually contains a single recipient per message and is generally used to send the same content to many recipients, optionally customizing the message via the use of MergeData.

import (

func main() {

    client := injectionapi.CreateClient(000001, "YOUR-API-KEY")

    //Build the message
    bulk := message.BulkMessage{}

    bulk.Subject = "Sending A Bulk Message"
    bulk.HtmlBody = "<html>This is the Html Body of my message sent to the recipient with %%EyeColor%% eyes.</html>";
    bulk.PlainTextBody = "This is the Plain Text Body of my message sent to the recipient with %%EyeColor%% eyes.";
    bulk.From = message.EmailAddress{EmailAddress: "[email protected]"}
    bulk.ReplyTo = message.EmailAddress{EmailAddress: "[email protected]"}
    //Add Bulk Recipients
    recipient1 := bulk.AddToFriendlyBulkRecipient("[email protected]", "Recipient #1")
    recipient1.AddMergeData("EyeColor", "Green")

    recipient2 := bulk.AddToFriendlyBulkRecipient("[email protected]", "Recipient #2")
    recipient2.AddMergeData("EyeColor", "Blue")

    //Send the message
    _, _ = client.SendBulk(&bulk)


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