The SocketLabs Email Delivery Ruby library allows you to easily send any type of email message supported by our Injection API, from a simple message to a single recipient, to a complex bulk message sent to multiple recipients.

Basic Message

A basic message is an email message like you’d send from a personal email client such as Outlook. A basic message can have many recipients, including multiple, To Addresses, CC Addresses, and even BCC Addresses. You can also send a file attachment in a basic message.

require "socketlabs-injectionapi"
include SocketLabs::InjectionApi
include SocketLabs::InjectionApi::Message
message =
message.subject = "Sending A Basic Message"
message.html_body = "This is the Html Body of my message."
message.plain_text_body = "This is the Plain Text Body of my message."
message.from_email_address ="[email protected]")
# Add a To address by passing the email address
message.to_email_address.push("[email protected]")
# Your SocketLabs ServerId and Injection API key
client =, "YOUR-API-KEY")
response = client.send(message)

Bulk Message

A bulk message usually contains a single recipient per message and is generally used to send the same content to many recipients, optionally customizing the message via the use of MergeData.

require "socketlabs-injectionapi"
include SocketLabs::InjectionApi
include SocketLabs::InjectionApi::Message
# Your SocketLabs ServerId and Injection API key
client =, "YOUR-API-KEY")
message =
message.subject = "Sending A Bulk Message"
message.plain_text_body = "This is the body of my message sent to %%Name%%"
message.html_body = "This is the HtmlBody of my message sent to %%Name%%"
message.from_email_address ="[email protected]")
message.add_global_merge_data("HairColor", "{ not set }")
recipient1 ="[email protected]")
recipient1.add_merge_data("Name", "Recipient1")
recipient2 ="[email protected]", { :friendly_name => "Recipient #2" })
recipient2.add_merge_data("Name", "Recipient2")
response = client.send(message)


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