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Send email

SMTP and Injection API

Powered by our proprietary Hurricane MTA in the cloud, our platform sends email quickly and reliably. If you're not an SMTP person, you can use our Injection API, which streamlines, modernizes, and simplifies email messaging.
Quantify reputation


Our intelligent sender reputation scoring gives you a quick and clear look at your email performance, your ability to deliver email consistently, and areas in need of improvement. The power to optimize is in your hands.
Stay updated

Event Webhook

Get information when, how, and where you need it. Using our event webhooks, you can get real-time notifications about things important to you in the app of your choice. Slack? Teams? Pick your poison!
Be knowledgeable

Email Reporting

Understand every facet of your sending performance to optimize for more success. Get myriad reports on delivery, failures, and engagement in one place, at one time, for one cohesive strategy.
Rest assured

SSL Encryption

Protect your messages while they're in transit with our one-click SSL encryption. Why trust us? Our MTA supports a Let's Encrypt integration to make it easy for engagement data to be secured, which is something you can't find at our biggest competitors.
Frequently Asked Questions
SocketLabs Spotlight connects to SendGrid. Join the waitlist to be notified when we add our next providers: Mailgun, Amazon SES, and MessageBird. Want your ESP added to the list? Join the list and share your ESP.
Once you create and verify your account, you have access to a Core plan for one month OR you will receive a set amount of credits to use. We do not require a credit card or payment method, but you will lose access to the platform and will no longer be able to send mail at the end of your trial if you do not upgrade to a paid plan.
After signing up, you will be given an account in five days or less. Once you get access, you will be able to use all features of Spotlight for either 90 days or up to 1.5 million in volume per month.
With our fuss-free API and SMTP options , you can sign up for a Core or Pro account, connect as needed, and start sending within a matter of minutes. Enterprise senders get the same simple set up once their account is provisioned.
No. All SocketLabs Email plans are priced based on volume, including high-volume and enterprise solutions. Please contact us if you want to discuss your particular needs.
SocketLabs Spotlight users do not have any features limited by volume. SocketLabs Email users must be Enterprise-level senders to access the Spotlight platform at this time.