Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate IT managers spend a lot of time, money, and effort protecting their users from email spammers. Unfortunately, that puts a larger burden on you – the legitimate business email sender – to deliver your emails in a reputable manner to ensure your message hits the inbox, not the spam folder. As a trusted email smart host provider, SocketLabs free SMTP smart host server is a great way to deliver authenticated email to large audiences.

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What is an Email Smart Host Service?

So what is a smart host? Simply put, it’s when an email authenticates the sender so that recipient ISPs and email servers assign higher levels of trust to your email, increasing deliverability. SocketLabs provides an On-Demand SMTP smart host services based on our renowned email technology and supported by our team of email experts that can help you increase the deliverability of your outbound email — guaranteed.

By choosing SocketLabs as your smart host service provider, you’ll not only benefit from reliable email deliverability, you’ll also get real-time reporting for your server and statistical data that can help you improve your email performance.