What Types of Transactional Email Services Does SocketLabs Offer?

In the sections below, we’ll cover some of the most common types of transactional email services that  SocketLabs offers through our email deliverability platform:

Receipts and Confirmations

Order confirmations, receipts, & downloadable products (i.e, software keys)

Explicit Requests

Emails that someone requested to receive immediately, like password reset emails.

Account Alerts

Account alerts include log-in attempt notifications & changes to account information.

Event-driven Notifications

Shipping updates, comment notifications, and reminders.

Triggered Behavioral Messages

Onboarding emails, welcome messages, reactivation emails, support emails and other emails based on user behavior.

Summaries and Digests

Daily or weekly digests, summaries of
past events, and appointment reminders.

How Transactional Email Works

With SocketLabs, you can send transactional email either through SMTP or our Transactional Email API.

SMTP Transactional Email Service

Many senders choose to use an SMTP relay service to send transactional email. Sending over an SMTP server is as easy as plugging your SMTP credentials into an existing application.

It makes the most sense to use an SMTP relay when connecting with an existing application like a CRM or a mail client such as Outlook.

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Transactional Email API

Using a Transactional Email API is the most efficient way to ensure transactional email deliverability.

Transactional email APIs are fast, flexible, and usually add an extra layer of security to your email program by using API keys.

Transactional Email API is often the preferred method for developers creating their own applications.

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Transactional Email Basics

What is
Transactional Email?

Transactional email (sometimes referred to as ‘triggered’ or ‘automated email’) is a form of email communication in which real time messages are sent to users after a specific action has been performed within an application or website.

How is Transactional Email Different Than Marketing Email?

Marketing email is more promotional in nature. Examples of marketing emails are newsletters, offers, discounts, and other content that is sent to one or more recipients with the goal to drive a sale. On the other hand, Transactional emails are more informational. With transactional emails, you’ll find that the content relates directly to an action taken by the user or customer. There are multiple types of transactional emails including, password resets, receipts, and shipping notifications. To learn more about how transactional email is different than marketing email, check out our blog: Marketing vs Transactional Email – What’s the Difference?

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