Oracle Users Seek Dyn Alternative: Here’s What You Need to Know

Dyn Alternative

If you are an Oracle customer using Dyn DNS and email services, you have probably heard that the end is near! In recent Oracle announcements, Dyn services will no longer be available as of May, 2022.  Since acquiring Dyn in 2016, Oracle has been migrating Dyn technologies to the Oracle Cloud making the services a part of the bigger Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) picture. Now, the time has come to cut off the dead weight and attempt to move existing Dyn customers to the OCI.  Unfortunately, there are many customers who are unhappy with the recent announcements and are left looking for a Dyn alternative. 

If you aren’t familiar with the details of these recent announcements, it probably seems like existing Dyn customers will inherently be moving directly into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – if only it were that simple.  Since Oracle announced these changes, customers have been seeking Dyn alternatives to compensate for the lack of security, support, and all around resources that the OCI alternative will be lacking.  

What Dyn Customers Are Losing….

After releasing the news of the end of Dyn services, they also announced that the OCI will not support one of Dyn’s most notable features, dynamic DNS.  For those who aren’t familiar with dynamic DNS, it is a technology that allows your constantly changing IP address to pair with a consistent domain name to avoid the hassle associated with changing IP addresses. You can read more about what a dynamic DNS is here.

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On top of that, they also announced that there will be no support of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). DNSSEC was created out of the need for more secure DNS protocol standards.  Essentially DNSSEC strengthens the authentication in DNS, using digital signatures based on public key cryptography. This security measure was an important feature to many customers along with dynamic DNS that have left many seeking Dyn DNS and email service alternatives.  

What People are Saying 

We checked out some of the popular forums like Reddit to see what (likely former) customers had to say about Dyn,  attacking Oracle’s decision to drop many of the features that Dyn was founded on:Remove Featured Image

“This isn’t surprising, but still upsetting.

First as noted, no Dynamic DNS or DNSSEC?? REALLY?? Come on.

Second as also noted, the migration is manually! You have to download a zone record and upload it, and that’s after manually creating your account.

I’ll be switching to Cloudflare. Been considering it for a while, but now it makes sense.”

Another user wrote: 

“No dynamic DNS? This is literally the name of the company they bought.

And the migration is just a sign up for a new service after exporting my zone config? They really don’t care about losing customers it would seem. Easy enough, my router supports for ddns and my domain registration is already there, it’s time for DNS to follow it.”

Customers Looking For a Dyn Alternative Email Service

We recently heard from a former Oracle customer who was using Dyn email services to send millions of emails every month.  This enterprise customer couldn’t get the support and resources they needed to make a seamless migration to OCI without a significant time investment.    This company was not alone in their frustration, as we have received a number of inquires from similar Dyn customers looking for a reliable Dyn replacement to deliver their high volume email. 

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It’s no surprise that many Dyn customers are upset with recent announcements from Oracle, but this also represents an opportunity for customers to seek out better Dyn email alternatives with more features and a more robust service offering. If you were a user of Dyn’s email services, check out this migration guide to see how simple a system migration can be.

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