Intro to SocketLabs Reporting!

SocketLabs Dashboard Reporting

Your Performance Dashboard

Starting at the top, you have access to your server overview. Here you have a high-level breakdown of your server activity including your billing period, messages processed, bandwidth used, and API calls made.

In this section, you also have the ability to add additional servers if you are looking to separate your mail streams.

server info

Below your server information, you will find your primary dashboard report. This is a high-level snap-shot of your email activity based on key metrics.

This report is customizable by date and by metric. Simply click on the metrics you would like to hide, and arrange the date as you see fit. For more detailed reporting, look at our sections below on Reporting and Filters.

domain search

Under the dashboard report you will see the Overview section. This is where you can break down your mail by mailing ID, daily overview, hourly overview, by mailbox, and by sending domain.

Reporting and Filters

Within the reporting drop-down, you will see a number of customizable reports the drill into specific email metrics that you can evaluate on a deeper, more specific level.

While your main performance dashboard shows a great high-level snippet of your email metrics, the reporting drop-down can be used to dive deeper into key areas that might be more important to you.

Diving into each report, you will see a more detailed break-down of that specified metric. Each report is customizable by date and time. You can also search each report for patterns related to a specific domain, mailing ID, or mailbox with our advanced domain-level reporting feature. These options are located in the search bubbles directly below the date configuration as indicated by the red box.

The image shown here is an example of the failure report, highlighting the advanced domain-level reporting functionality available in all reports.

Recipient Activity Report

In addition to our extensive analytics reporting on delivered messages, failed messages, complaints, engagement and more, we also offer our Recipient Activity Reporting functionality that allows you to search all events related to a specific email address.

This will allow you to focus in on certain recipients to gauge patterns in delivery, engagement and more. Learn more here!

event search


StreamScore™ Aggregate Report

At the top of the page you will see the StreamScore™ Aggregate Report. This is a weighted calculation of each of the four components that the StreamScore™ Report relies on.

The aggregate score is strongly correlated to the deliverability and success rate that a server experiences – the higher the score, the better the results are. The score mimics how the world of receiving mailbox providers (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) are calculating internal sender reputation scores. A strong reputation indicates that the sender is following best practices and is therefore avoiding the “red flag” issues that negatively impact message performance.

StreamScore™ Detail Report

The StreamScore™ Detail Report breaks down your overall StreamScore™ into its specific performance components. Success in each category is driven by how well you comply with email best practices for list, content, and operational management.

Learn more by visiting our Components of StreamScore™ page.

streamscore report

SocketLabs Custom Reporting Services

Custom reporting is available through additional SocketLabs services that allow users to receive timely customized reports based on specific metrics they value most. These reports allow deeper levels of insight into your KPIs and will arrive on a regular basis of your choosing.

Depending on your needs, these reports can be sent in three main forms:

1. Raw data

2. Excel Spreadsheet (CSV)

3. Hand-built, presentation-ready documents (pictured)

If you would like to know more about custom reporting services available at SocketLabs, reach out to our support team here.