SocketLabs Hosts Educational Webinar: Strategies for a Successful Remote Workplace

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How do you smoothly transition your entire company to a remote workforce without disrupting your business? On Thursday, April 2nd at 1pm EST, SocketLabs experts will be answering this exact question in our webinar on remote work strategies! Click here to save your spot.

Many companies and their employees are struggling with the abrupt transition to remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With some foreplaning, SocketLabs has successfully and seamlessly transitioned to a fully remote workforce in a matter of days. To share some of our lessons learned and best practices with our clients, and others, we’ve put together a webinar which will be led by members of the SocketLabs executive team. The hope is to help ease the challenge of this process for the community at large. ​

Topics in this 30-minute webinar will include:

  • Details on our full transition to remote working
  • How we promote a remote-first mindset​ and culture
  • Systems and tools that can aid the transition process​
  • The “Top Ten” best practices that help drive success

What has SocketLabs done?

In short, we’ve implemented a comprehensive work-from-home policy that we’ve been operating for over two weeks now. We’ve made this transition while continuing to have our staff at full capacity. Our CEO Keith Hontz, who will be one of the webinar presenters, was recently interviewed by Workpuls. The question was “How is COVID-19 affecting your business and what are you doing to stay safe”. In his answer, Keith shared some of SocketLabs’ best practices on the process of planning and managing the conversion.

Among the keys we’ve identified are staying connected via email and collaboration tools. For example, we’re using Zoom (for hosting customer meetings and webinars) and Microsoft Teams (for internal gatherings) very regularly. With the help of these tools, we have successfully transferred all office communications there. What used to be face-to-face meetings are now online meetings that are just as effective. Among the most important steps, however, was ensuring that our customer service team did not miss a beat. One of the highlights of last week was Keith getting a personal message from a customer in Australia explaining what a great job our customer service team did in supporting him – all of this was done by our remote team from the safety of home!

Join us for the webinar on Thursday April 2nd to learn more from the panel:

  • Keith Hontz – CEO, who brings great remote workplace insights garnered during 23 years at Germany-based SAP
  • Brett Bair – SocketLabs Vice President of Product and Services, who spent 10 years with remote-first company Monetate​
  • Joe Breslin – Vice President of Operations and Finance, formerly with Microsoft, who has also co-founded a virtual non-profit​ organization

We hope you can join us live or get value by watching the recording which will be available after the event.

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