Some Updates to SocketLabs On-Demand

Failure Report and API Now Show Suppressed Items

The SocketLabs On-Demand Failure Report which shows all delivery failures, now includes messages which have been suppressed. If you are unfamilliar with our suppression system, follow this link to learn more. Suppressed items show up on the report with the Failure Type set to “Suppressed”. In addition, the SocketLabs On-Demand messagesFailed API method now also returns suppressed items by reporting the FailureType as 2. Suppressed addresses, as well as all Permanent failures should be removed from your list as soon as possible. Previously suppressed messages did not show in any report or API, but since suppressed items are actually failures, we decided that the failure report and messagesFailed API were the most natural place to put them. Look for more improvements to the Failures report in the near future.

Faster Clearing of Invalid Domains from Queue

You should notice that your queues clear much faster now. We recently rolled out an update that helps to accelerate the removal of email messages to invalid domains from your outbound queue.

DKIM Signing Bypassed for Messages Greater than 128K

DKIM signing of large messages is very resource intensive and can slow down your delivery a great deal. And due to the nature of large messages, DKIM signing is mostly unnecessary. Because of this, we no longer DKIM sign messages larger than 128K. You should notice much faster delivery times, and increased performance.

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